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Now accepting applications for September 2020 intake.



Who and What We're Looking for


Proven Academic Record

Irrespective of subject background

Creativity and Independent Thought

Necessary to become a great researcher


Motivation, Determination & Drive

To follow through with goals

Ability to Work in English

As English is the sole medium of instruction at INSEAD

Is It the Right Fit for You?


Deadlines & Process

For September 2020 intake


Applicants are encouraged to submit the online application (including supporting documents) by the preferred deadline in order to receive access to the open one-way interview.

The open one-way interview URL is included in the email confirmation upon submission of the online application. Deadline to submit the Open One-Way interview is also on the last day of submission, 06 January 2020. The complete application packet (online application + supporting documents + open one-way interview) must be in by 06 January 2020.

What is the Open One-Way Interview? The Open One-Way interview is another means for our committee get to know an applicant's research potential; thereby, supplementing the online application. The interview consists of 4 general questions that are the same across all 8 areas of specialisation. It is an integral part of the selection process, and is viewed by the committee to provide added value to the prospect's application. Hence, we encourage all to take advantage of this opportunity to expound your interest in the INSEAD PhD by submitting it on or before 06 January 2020. *kindly note that the access to the open one-way interview will only be given once you have submitted your online application. To receive the access earlier, please submit your online application early, preferably by 15 December 2019. 

蜜桃视频September 2020

Next intake

蜜桃视频09 September 2019

 Start of application

 15 December 2019

Preferred deadline to
Submit your Online application

蜜桃视频06 January 2020

Last day of submission
Submit your One Way Interview by this date



Application Checklist


蜜桃视频In order to be considered to the PhD Programme, applicants must have a bachelor's degree, a minimum admissions requirement for education. Undergraduate students in their final year are welcome to apply. To apply to the INSEAD PhD Programme, you must submit an application form online and the required supporting documentation listed below. 


Online Application


Supporting Documentation


Recommendation Letters

All applications to INSEAD are fully electronic and must be submitted online. It includes the applicants' personal profile, statement of purpose and statement of integrity. 

Details here

蜜桃视频All supporting documents must be in electronic format and uploaded to the online application platform. Supporting documentation include CV, degree transcripts and certificates, GMAT or GRE, application fee, supplementary information survey and recorded interviews (NEW). 

Details here

蜜桃视频Only 3 Letters of Recommendation are required coming from faculty, scholars or individuals who can evaluate the applicant’s academic ability and potential for research and teaching. 

Details here




蜜桃视频No, we cannot waive this requirement under any circumstances.

No.  The Admissions Committee requires GMAT/GRE scores be no more than five years old.  The TOEFL score can be no more than two years old.

蜜桃视频We do not recommend, nor is it necessary, to contact faculty prior to admission. INSEAD faculty receive hundreds of emails from prospective students and regret that they are unable to respond to all. Moreover, faculty advisors are chosen by the Academic Director, after admission, during the first year. In the second year of the programme, PhD students are able to choose their own advisors. However, this is never done at the application stage.  As such, prospective applicants are encouraged to learn about faculty and their research through area and faculty pages.   

The online application, along with the supporting documents, and the open one-way interview must be in by 06 January 2020. 

Do note that you will only have an access to the open one-way interview once you have submitted the online application. Thus, it is strongly advised to submit your online application along with your supporting documents early, in order to have time to receive and complete your open one way interview. 

蜜桃视频The Open One-Way Interview is one of the requirements for admissions to the INSEAD PhD Programme. Applicants answer a series of four (4) questions that will help the committee get to know the applicant and his/her potential to engage in high quality research. 

蜜桃视频No. Open One-Way Interview recordings will be reviewed along with your submitted online application to generate a shortlist of candidates for live interviews. Live interview is still necessary in the admissions process before the final offer of admission. 

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