18 December 2019

Thomson Reuters/INSEAD 2019Q4 survey: Asian business sentiment bounces back, but caution abounds

Confidence among Asian businesses rebounded sharply this quarter to hit an 18-month high with firms reporting a pickup in sales, though most are holding off on hiring as trade war uncertainty weighs, a Thomson Reuters/INSEAD survey found.

11 December 2019

INSEAD to open first permanent facility in North America

蜜桃视频The INSEAD San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation will offer a leading, cutting-edge, global management education in North America. 

06 December 2019

Continuous monitoring is necessary to reduce risk in AI and machine learning-based medical technology

蜜桃视频In their research on new challenges facing regulators in AI and machine learning-based medical technology, the professors recommend that regulators focus on continuous monitoring and risk assessment, and less on planning for future algorithm changes.  

04 December 2019

A new way to measure long-term firm performance and shareholder value

蜜桃视频INSEAD and Wharton introduce LIVA: a metric that gauges the true impact of investment or strategic action on shareholder value.

29 November 2019

INSEAD research finds investors are not walking the talk of gender diversity

New INSEAD research suggests that despite proclamations of support, investors perceive companies which increase female representation on their board as having a weaker commitment to shareholder value and are likely to punish them accordingly.

26 November 2019

The second annual “Business as a Force for Good” award recognises six outstanding Canadian companies making a positive impact on the world

Jointly organised by the INSEAD NAA Canada and the INSEAD Alumni Fund, the award aims to recognise Canadian businesses who have demonstrated thought-leadership with respect to “Business as a Force for Good”. 

19 November 2019

INSEAD Professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne top the Thinkers50 2019 ranking

Mauborgne is the first woman to occupy the number one position and Kim is the first from North Asia. It is the first time professors from a European business school are named the world’s most influential management thinkers. Professors Erin Meyer and Gianpiero Petriglieri have also advanced their ranking.

15 November 2019

INSEAD contributes €4 million in project value to charities through community projects worldwide

蜜桃视频As INSEAD celebrates 60 years of excellence, we look at a 12-year partnership that is leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

31 October 2019

International business faces de-globalisation

New research examines the implications of conducting business across borders as globalisation retreats.

22 October 2019

Five INSEAD case authors rise in Case Centre’s best-selling top 40

蜜桃视频INSEAD professors continue to rise up the ranks of the world’s top 40 best-selling case authors with cases that are informative, inspiring and easy to adopt.

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