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Middle East Health Leadership Programme


New Approaches to Managing and Learning in the Health Sector

Effective healthcare requires leadership, sound decision-making skills, and expertise to link resources together in order to provide quality patient care. In addition, it requires a willingness to innovate in how healthcare services are delivered.

There is a rapid and continuing evolution in our knowledge and understanding of healthcare science, technology and practice. The Middle East Health Leadership Programme is designed to provide a select group of individuals with an educational experience that will equip them with concepts, tools, techniques and strategies to play significant leadership roles in the rapidly changing and extremely challenging world of healthcare. The programme is designed for a new group of Middle Eastern leaders who are deeply committed to helping their organisations and healthcare systems fulfil their missions.

The programme is a collaborative undertaking between INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools, and Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust (the Trust), part of the world’s leading healthcare companies.

How you benefit

  • Motivate your workforce: Improve leadership skills and ability to maximise the potential of staff
  • Improve your offering: Understand the special nature of service operations: patient flow design, key process levers to improve value, quality and delivery of healthcare
  • Gain an applicable framework: Utilise formal techniques that have proven to be useful for innovating in healthcare delivery and implementing change

Participant Profile

蜜桃视频Participants will be high-potential individuals with at least 4 to 10 years’ management experience. Successful candidates will be senior managers in health care organisations (excluding commercial health care suppliers) who have already demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities, who personally wish to advance and who are considered by their organisation as capable of occupying positions of increased responsibility in the future.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

Programme Partner


Since 1998, through its leadership and Innovation programmes with INSEAD, Johnson & Johnson has invested in almost 1500 senior healthcare leaders across EMEA. These programmes invite health leaders to embark into a journey of self-guided discovery to further develop their leadership and innovation capacity – realising their vital role in building the resilience of communities and health systems. The belief is that it is key to invest today in increasing the leadership and innovation capacity of health leaders of tomorrow as they will play an instrumental role in rethinking and transforming health systems in the years to come.

The Middle East Health Leadership Programme is the result of the Trust’s longstanding partnership with INSEAD to provide management education for healthcare professionals. INSEAD is a Flagship Partner within the Trust’s 2020 strategy and a key component of the Trust’s goal to advance knowledge and innovation in seeking to transform health care systems. The Trust works across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region in making a difference in human health through multiple social impact interventions. Currently within the Trust’s partnership portfolio there are over 70 active programmes run with partner organisations. For more information about the Trust and its activities, please visit

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