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At the INSEAD Executive Coaching, we believe that effective leaders contribute to the creation of sustainable organisations that are great places to work. Our outlook is that the ways leaders deal with their people and the type of organisational culture they create, are the real and enduring sources of competitive advantage.

Our mission is to develop reflective leaders who create results-driven, adaptive and innovative organisations by putting people first.

We deliver 200+ leadership development programmes or modules per year at Degree and Executive Education levels. Every session is guided by our philosophy of closely integrating spaces for action and spaces for reflection to achieve the maximum impact. We work across all three INSEAD campuses: Fontainebleau, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. INSEAD Executive Coaching faculty and coaches also travel throughout the world to deliver company-specific learning. In addition, we offer follow-up sessions remotely using a variety of technologies from simple phone calls to customised social media and webinar platforms.


Exceptional leadership development coaches


INSEAD Executive Coaching is well known for the quality and diversity of its coaches. Our 130+ multi-cultural expert leadership development coaches, resident in 20+ countries and working worldwide are all carefully selected for their expertise in individual coaching. In addition our pioneering group-coaching techniques – developed especially for executives to learn from and support each other – make us really stand out when it comes to leadership development.




years experience coaching senior leaders



speak at least two languages



蜜桃视频have lived and worked abroad



蜜桃视频have industry and business experience



are women

Leadership development
across INSEAD programmes


Our methodology


Leadership development sessions

IThese include group and/or individual coaching – with a practice-focused perspective. Among the services we offer are: experiential learning and leadership simulations; action learning and project support; outdoor group dynamics; fully facilitated indoor group work; and traditional classroom sessions and case study analysis.

Group coaching

This powerful technique was pioneered at INSEAD and our deep expertise in this approach remains our specialty. It involves a group of 5 to 6 participants working with a highly trained coach who understands and makes sense of their current situation. Through various exercises, participants develop a deep insight into each other’s personal and professional situations, analysing the results of the 360-degree exercises and giving each other direct and personal feedback. Participants are often surprised by the personal impact this process has on them. At the end of the session, each participant develops their own personal development plan.

Leadership In Action

Participants have a chance to express themselves in a group context, reflect on their behaviour and its consequences, and experiment with different strategies and actions. The coaching groups experience various situations that require setting a strategy, aligning objectives, planning, distributing roles, controlling processes and execution. The groups result and the behaviour of individuals within the group will be examined after each exercise.
Participants learn much about each other and themselves in a real life situation. The process is facilitated by the coach, who sets up structured, honest, fair and non-judgemental feedback.


Our instruments and tools

蜜桃视频We design and implement innovative assessment instruments and simulations – all based on our own research – to measure and build skills, personality and culture. We combine these with coaching for maximum impact.


The xChange Simulation

The xChange Simulation is a powerful computer based learning tool that helps leaders at all levels ask: how do you exercise leadership in a rapidly changing world?

Hear why it’s an integral part of Executive Education programmes at INSEAD.



Feedback instruments

INSEAD has used its research expertise to create and continually update its instruments that are used to understand current performance. These tools help managers to explore the gap between the way they see themselves and the way they are seen by others. Participants, colleagues and even family members are asked to complete detailed surveys, which our coaches are trained to analyse and interpret.

The results lead to the creation of the individual development plan. INSEAD's feedback instruments include the following:


Global Executive Leadership
Mirror and x360

To understand individual leadership styles



To describe the individual's personality


Leadership Archetypes

蜜桃视频To improve the functioning of teams


Culture Audit

蜜桃视频To capture the culture of the entire organisation

Coaching Programmes


For coaches and executives wishing to develop and strengthen their leadership and coaching skills

The INSEAD Coaching Certificate is an opportunity for coaches and executives to develop and improve their coaching effectiveness through a blend of professional, personal and coaching skills development.

蜜桃视频Upcoming Sessions

02 Mar 2020
4,5 days + 4 days + 3 days

蜜桃视频Module 1 will start on Monday afternoon and will close late Friday afternoon.

For coaches willing to improve their ability to leverage team dynamics when coaching groups.

The Advanced Programme in Coaching Groups is an opportunity for coaches to reach a deeper level of coaching expertise in group dynamics. Through an immersive learning experience focused on group behaviour, participants will deepen their awareness of the unconscious forces in groups and build real confidence working with ambiguity as they develop their coaching practice further.

Upcoming Sessions

22 Jun 2020
4,5 days

The programme will start on Monday afternoon and will close late Friday afternoon.


Derek Deasy

Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Derek is Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. His interests include leadership development, burnout and resilience, the impact of emotionally demanding tasks on work groups. Derek Deasy is directing the INSEAD Coaching Certificate, the Advanced Certificate in Group Coaching 蜜桃视频and the Personal Leadership Programme.

Derek works regularly in leadership development programmes for high potentials and senior executives at INSEAD, and has contributed to open and in-company executive Programmes, as well as to the full time MBAs, at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, and at IMD in Switzerland. He has given input on the psychodynamics of organisations to the Clinical Psychology doctoral programme at Trinity College, Dublin. He also has a varied coaching and consulting practice, currently including individual work with corporate leaders and work with teams in the technology sector and in entrepreneurial ventures.

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