San Francisco Hub Opening

27 February 2020

By invitation only


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INSEAD San Francisco Hub Launch

蜜桃视频February 2020, will mark a significant milestone in INSEAD’s history as the school inaugurates the San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation - its first North American location.

The Hub is a place where global students, alumni, faculty, and leaders collectively will shape the future of business. Situated in the heart of San Francisco—where cutting-edge technology, venture finance, and forward-thinking education converge—our North American location engages diverse communities to advance INSEAD's mission: to bring together people, cultures, and ideas to develop responsible leaders who transform business and society.

This is more than just a building. It is a dynamic, flexible facility that invites thinkers and doers to connect and co-create and leads the development of innovative research and teaching. It will open a new world of opportunities to collaborate and engage with a dynamic ecosystem of innovators.

蜜桃视频Above all, the Hub aspires to rally today’s world-class tech talent to reimagine the future of business and its role in society. As we mark 60 years of excellence at INSEAD, join us in celebrating this new chapter in our history.

Tech everywhere in turbulent times

Rapid advances in technology, coupled with a succession of economic, social and political shocks, have created a world where change is the only constant. INSEAD is perfectly poised to offer insights and strategies to translate fast-paced technological innovation in helping business thrive in the digital age.

With a theme Tech everywhere in turbulent times, the inauguration is an exclusive and highly interactive event that provides a unique opportunity to exchange ideas on digital transformation, artificial intelligence and exciting new possibilities for leaders and organizations in a global business landscape being turned upside down by technology change.

The day will consist of an official opening ceremony followed by keynote talks by Silicon Valley business leaders and plenary & content sessions addressing a number of today’s most important business topics. It will also be the opportunity to interact and debate with our faculty on their latest research.




Ilian Mihov




Peter Zemsky

Deputy Dean
Dean of Innovation
Professor of Strategy


Michael Copeland

Head of Content,

Amazon Web Services

Isabelle Finger MBA'09D

Director of INSEAD

San Francisco Hub
for Business Innovation

Kay Firth-Butterfield

蜜桃视频Former CEO & Founder



Anil Gaba

Professor of Decision Sciences

蜜桃视频The Orpar Chaired Professor of Risk Management

蜜桃视频Academic Director, Center for Decision Making and Risk Analysis

Adam Goldstein MBA’88J

蜜桃视频Vice Chairman,

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Diane Greene


蜜桃视频SAP and Stripe


Joanna Griffiths MBA'12J

Founder & CEO
蜜桃视频Knix Wear Inc

蜜桃视频Christopher Harborne MBA'88J


蜜桃视频Sherriff Global Group

Klaus Hommels



Nida Januskis

Associate Dean, Advancement

Bruno Lanvin

Executive Director, Global Indices

Alan MacIntosh MBA'87D

蜜桃视频General Partner

Real Ventures


Frédéric Mazzella MBA’07D

Founder and President

L. Felipe Monteiro

Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy,
Academic Director, Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI)

Kyle Nel

蜜桃视频Executive Vice President, Uncommon Partners Lab

Singularity University and former Executive Director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs


Meg Osius MBA'88J

Osius & Associates Inc.

Teppo Paavola MBA'96J

Group Chief Digital Officer (CDO),

蜜桃视频Member of Executive Committee

Adecco Group

Lucy Quist MBA'05J

Managing Director and Head of Change Leadership

Morgan Stanley

Geoff Ralston MBA'92D

Y Combinator

Gopi Rangan MBA'07D

Founder and General Partner

Sure Ventures

Mika Salmi MBA'92D




Amy Shuen

Applied AI FinTech Strategy & Entrepreneurship Professor
INSEAD and University of Hong Kong

Oren Zeev MBA'94J

Founding Partner

蜜桃视频Zeev Ventures






This is a by-invitation only event. Please use the link provided in your email to register. To find out more, kindly contact us by email.

Practical Information


The Launch will be held at INSEAD San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation.

Address: 224 Townsend St., San Francisco, CA, 94107

Dress code

蜜桃视频The dress code for the San Francisco Hub Launch is business casual.

Media, filming and photography

INSEAD may engage professional photographers for this event. All sessions will be filmed. We reserve the right to use any film and/or photography from the event in our print and digital marketing collateral. Delegates who do not wish to be filmed or recorded should contact us prior to the event.




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