In today’s rapidly changing business environment, lifelong learning is essential for the sustained success and growth of our alumni so they can be a force for good in the world. We curate new impactful online and in-person learning experiences for alumni throughout the year, so watch this space and contact us for comments and feedback!

Anne-Ev Enzmann MBA‘01J
Director of Lifelong Learning,
David Mair MBA‘96J
Alumni Association
Peter Zemsky
The Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Strategy
and Innovation, Deputy Dean,
Dean of Innovation

Upcoming Events


Strategy and Investing for Impact 

Pop-Up Programme with Jasjit Singh 

14-15 February 2020, Asia Campus


Couples That Work

Webinar with Jennifer Petriglieri

3 March 2020, Online

Alumni Forum Europe 2020

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蜜桃视频19-20 June 2020, Munich





蜜桃视频This academic year marks 60 years of excellence at INSEAD. To commemorate the anniversary of our founding as the business school for the world, we’re offering alumni six new webinars on topics vital to your professional development journey. Join fellow members of the INSEAD community in these exciting educational sessions that are free to all INSEAD Alumni Association members.

Couples That Work: How Dual-Career Couples Can Thrive in Love and Work

Webinar with INSEAD Professor Jennifer Petriglieri

蜜桃视频Tuesday 3 March 2020

1-2pm Paris

How to Integrate Social Impact in My Career?

Webinar with INSEAD alumni Tahira Dosani MBA'09J, Lana Mazahreh MBA'14J & Fabrice D'Erm YMP'04Sep

蜜桃视频Wednesday 25 March 2020

Rethinking Performance: Making your P&L Work for People and the Planet

Webinar with sustainability thought leader Pavan Sukhdev, President and Board Chair of WWF-International

蜜桃视频Wednesday 2 October 2019

蜜桃视频7-8am New York, 1-2pm Paris, 7-8pm Singapore

The State of the Blockchain Revolution

蜜桃视频Webinar with Deputy Dean Peter Zemsky, Blockchain Revolution co-authors Alex Tapscott and Don Tapscott, a Top50 Thinker

Wednesday 13 November 2019

11am New York, 5pm Paris, 0pm Singapore


Pop-Up Programmes蜜桃视频 are one or two days long, faculty-led and designed exclusively for alumni. They are perfect to explore new areas. Join your fellow INSEADers for an immersive, in-person learning experience that will expand your horizons and help you relive the energy of the INSEAD classroom experience.


Strategy and Investing for Impact

Do you want to think strategically about impact, integrate a societal or environmental agenda in your organisation's strategy and explore how to invest with an intentionality for impact? 

If the answer is yes, join the highly immersive 1.5 day programme with Professor Jasjit Singh in Singapore on 14-15 Feb, 2020. 

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Entrepreneurship has a long tradition at INSEAD 蜜桃视频and many initiatives involve and invite entrepreneurial alumni, including the or Capstone projects for current MBA students.

If you consider to finally make the jump into entrepreneurship, a start-up bootcamp is a great way to find out if this career path is right for you! Several Alumni Associations are now offering Start-up Bootcamps for Alumni. 

Check it out and sign up for the next bootcamp in .

Or listen to , an initiative of alumnus Gilles Le Guennec EMBA’08 with support from Sabrine Monsegur, INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship.



Online Programmes


蜜桃视频You want to relive the great INSEAD classroom experience, engage with fellow alumni and benefit from a personal learning coach? Pick your programme!

All INSEAD Alumni Association members蜜桃视频 enjoy a special 40% discount on all online programmes! Not a member yet? Log-on to and become a member today.

Career Services


Are you looking to accelerate your career, reboot it or make a radical career change? INSEAD is offering lifetime career support and resources. View our full range of permanent career services here.

蜜桃视频Watch this space for upcoming webinars, free of charge for INSEAD Alumni Association members. Not a member yet? Log-on to and become a member today.

Achieving a Targeted Career Move with Daniel Porot

Saturday 25 January 2020
12:00 GMT

The stakes are high for many career decisions. Smart career strategy reduces risk in two main ways: first by validating new career paths with real-world research; second by developing a range of options for job targets. We will also discuss how to develop options for job targets while avoiding seeming unfocussed.

This webinar has been brought to you by the Career Development for Working Professionals team.

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How to Connect with your Next Employer with Steve Dalton

Thursday 6 February 2020
18.00 GMT

蜜桃视频Most jobs are filled through networks. But developing contacts in a target industry is difficult.  Steve Dalton’s bestselling job-search guide, The 2-Hour Job Search (now updated for 2020) explains exactly who to contact, what to say and how to follow up.

This webinar has been brought to you by the Career Development for Working Professionals team.

Check out the details and sign up .



Executive Education

INSEAD alumni who participate in one of our 40+ in-person open enrollment programmes will benefit from a 30% discount. Discover our portfolio here.

INSEAD Knowledge

INSEAD KNOWLEDGE is a great resource for alumni to stay current in their fields of interest. Browse now and read an article, watch a video or delve into world-class research.


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