Alliance Sorbonne Université


Alliance Sorbonne Université 

INSEAD is proud to be associated with the Sorbonne University as a member of the Alliance Sorbonne Université. Its ten members have a shared vision favouring a global approach to education and research, combining the fields of the Arts, Humanities, Medicine, Science, Engineering, Technology, and Management.  The diversity of the members of the Sorbonne University Alliance favours encourages a global approach to education and research. It promotes equal access to knowledge and develops numerous shared programmes and projects in degree programmes, continuous and lifelong education in all disciplines, in research and innovation, and in the diffusion of their findings.

蜜桃视频The SUPER project (Sorbonne Université à Paris pour l’Enseignement et la Recherche) of the Alliance Sorbonne Université is among the final winners of the French Government’s Initiative of Excellence funding programme, providing significant support for initiating new research and educational programmes across the various disciplines. 


Business Foundations Certificate Programme


蜜桃视频The Business Foundations Certificate Programme from INSEAD is intended for graduates, or recent graduates at a Master or PhD level, wanting to get a specific training in business management from INSEAD, in order to complement their LLM level or Master/ PhD training.

蜜桃视频The programme:

  • provides an understanding of business that is complementary to applicants’ disciplinary expertise,
  • supports candidates’ transition to a business career,
  • facilitates aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfil the goal,
  • helps you navigate and succeed in today’s constantly changing, high-pressure and volatile business world.


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